Is it Possible to Sell a House Without an Estate Agent?

Selling a property isn’t straightforward, and most people use an estate agent to help them out. However, there are some reasons to avoid using an estate agent and invest in your own abilities. In this article, you can find reasons to sell a home without an estate agent in Leicester.   

The Pros of Selling Without an Estate Agent 

Some people couldn’t imagine selling their home without an estate agent, but there are surprising advantages to this process. For one thing, you won’t have to pay estate agent fees, increasing the value of the property overall; you can also stay more in control of the process. 

Additionally, you can settle on the price you want instead of putting the negotiation in the hands of someone else, so you don’t have to settle for a lower price. If you choose to sell a home without an estate agent, try to conduct research into houses for sale in your area for example  houses for sale in Stoneygate Leicester.   

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The Cons of Selling Without an Estate Agent 

There are several reasons people use estate agents to sell their properties, meaning there are several downsides to selling a property by yourself. Although selling a property without an estate agent gives you more control of the process, there is also a lot of work to be carried out. 

When you sell a property without an estate agent, you need to take care of the administration, legal papers, viewing, and negotiations yourself. If you have the time, skills, and inclination for the work, it can be a great choice; otherwise, it’s better to use the services of an established estate agent like our dedicated team at Oliver Rayns.   

Tips for Selling Without an Estate Agent 

If you decide that selling your home without an estate agent is right for you, there are some steps you can take to make the process easier. Make sure you know what the process entails and that you are organised enough to sell a property correctly and legally and get a good price. 

  • Research Local Market Trends 

If you decide to go it alone, make sure you research local market trends when selling a property. Remember, the asking price is determined by the economy and local demands; the more research you carry out in the area you are looking to buy, the easier it is to find buyers for houses for sale in Evington Leicester for example.    

  • Take Good Photos 

When you don’t sell your property using an estate agent, you have the chance to present your home in exactly the way you want. Make sure you take high-quality photos to help attract potential buyers and present your property in the best possible light, and get the right valuation.

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  • Advertise Online 

As with any business or enterprise, you will need to advertise the property to reach potential buyers; this is even more crucial when you are selling the property without an estate agent. Use online platforms such as social media and classified websites to make your property visible. 

But it’s not just photos. Our professionally edited cinematic videos and immersive 360° tours will provide prospective buyers with an engaging and informative experience, without the need for time-consuming property viewings. 

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  • Prepare for Negotiations 

Of course, you want to get the price you think you deserve for the property, especially when you have invested in it over the years to increase its value. Carry out enough research to know how to set realistic expectations about what price to pay for a property and be prepared to negotiate.

When it comes to selling your property, there’s no doubt that doing it yourself can save time and money. But, why add unnecessary stress to your life? With Oliver Rayns, we offer professional estate agents to guide you through the process smoothly and ensure you receive the best possible value for your property. Trust us to take the weight off your shoulders and get the job done right.